We are an innovative meal prep company. At Go Fuel we allow you to pick from our menu that we’ve created or you can build out your meals according to your specific macros; a luxury at your finger tips. We don’t limit our clients on choices and don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We understand that every client is different and has different needs and goals.

We use organic non-sodium seasoning on all of our meats. However there may still contain trace amounts of sodium as meat contains natural sodium in it.

No, we use absolutely no preservatives in our meals. All of our food is cooked fresh to order. We do not freeze any food whatsoever for use on a later date; we don’t believe in leftovers. We aim to purchase fresh ingredients on a daily basis.

Even though our menu is extremely comprehensive we still don’t have certain things on there. If there are enough requests for a particular food item we will put it on the menu. Currently, we are working on many different menus including nutritional plans for diabetics.

Unfortunately we cannot here from our office. We only serve as a facilitator in our clients’ path to eating healthier. We suggest you work with a certified nutritionist, and have them set up a meal plan that works well for you. In dieting there are no cookie cutter solutions. Every client has a different goal and different needs. However we can always guide you to our in house nutrionist, just email us at info@gofuelmeals.com .

We deliver all over UK.

No. we are currently working with hotels to be the first meal prep company to deliver to hotels so you don’t miss your meals.

Our meal minimum is 10 meals per order.

We charge £10.00 per delivery. If you order twice a week it will be £20.00.

You can email us at info@gofuelmeals.com. Email is much more efficient as we have a team at go fuel responding to emails throughout the work week. If emails are submitted after 5pm they will not receive a response until the following business day. Also, if emails are sent on non-business days during Friday and the weekend they will not receive a response until we resume our normal hours of operation.

We use APC. They deal with perishables and monitor our packages through the entire transit.

We package your meals in thermo coolers. We supply ice packs which maintain the food temperature for 24 hours.

Orders usually take 2-3 business days to process and deliver . Please keep in mind Saturdays and Sundays are not business days.

Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 days from delivery. If you do not plan on eating all of your meals within a 7 day period you can keep them frozen until you’re ready to consume them. Meals can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

We always recommend that you defrost your meals if they were previously frozen prior to heating them. If heating at refrigerated temperature, heat for approximately 2-4 minutes on high. If heating meals in the microwave from a frozen state, heat for approximately 5-6 minutes on high. Add additional heating time to meals if needed.

All athlete submissions should be directed to GO FUEL MEALS. Please contact info@gofuelmeals.com with your information and social media accounts for sponsorship inquiries

Yes. We currently work with many retailers and gyms throughout the UK. Please contact us at info@gofuelmeals.com